Screw machine

Rotating disk type automatic screw machine.

Product information

I. advantages:
1. Achieve continuous circulation flow through multiple stations. Release the product, lock screw, test and discharge synchronously. Raise production
Efficiency. It can also save many workers.
2. Multi-axis automatic locking screw machine is based on the position of the workpiece lock screw, which is arranged with many locking screws. When the workpiece is fixed by the fixture,
Multi-axis lock screw at the same time, no matter how many axes, the cycle of the screw is the same as locking a screw.
3. No complex servo system is required. It is a system with high efficiency and high cost performance. However, due to the positioning of the screw in accordance with the workpiece,
Cannot change easily, belong to rigid system, apply to breed single, production big work place.
4. The system is designed according to the requirements of the workpiece. Including lock screw mode, feeding mode, number of batch head, location,
The feeding mode can be designed according to the specific requirements of customers.
Ii. Performance parameters:
1. The lock shaft number 2-12 axis is optional.
2. Leak lock/float lock/slide tooth detection customer can match.
3. High reliability and durability. All the electrical and gas systems are imported with original imported parts.
4. Adjust the position and height of spindle to adapt to the quick change of different products.
5. Can cooperate with the assembly line to realize automatic operation.
6. Lock speed :2-5 seconds /PCS, depending on the length of the screw.
7. Torque adjustment: each shaft can be adjusted independently.
8. Air source: 5-7kg/cm2.
9. Power supply: 220V 50Hz power 300W.
10. Suitable for screws: M1- -m6.
11. Suitable for products: toys, photoelectric, computer, plastic and other products.
Scope of use:
1. Applicable screw range: m1-m6.
2. Use the screw head, such as: one word, cross, triangle, plum, hexagon, H head, Y head, etc.
3. Used screw surface treatment such as: nickel, clay pot, zinc plating, white zinc plating, copper plating, etc.
4. Used screw materials such as iron, copper, stainless steel etc.
5. Materials for locking screw products such as plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.
6. Hand-held lock screws are widely used in various industries, such as mobile phone, hard disk, keyboard and play.
Assembly of electronic processing plants such as LCD/LED module, communication equipment, electronics, toys and auto parts.

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