Screw machine

Plastic wood floor lock screw machine.

Product information

Description of modular movement.
X-module parameter
Effective stroke 800mm, standard with silver guide, screw rod, jimeikang 86 closed-loop motor (with encoder)
Y module parameter
450mm, with silver guide, screw rod, jamei 57 closed ring motor (with encoder)
Z-module parameter
100mm, with silver guide rail, screw rod, jameron 57 brake motor.
The running speed
500 mm/S
Repeated positioning accuracy
Less than 0.03
Control instructions
The man-machine interface
Velon touch screen
The program input
Direct sitting sign teaching input.
Host program control
Omron PLC
Serial RS232C computer communication software.
1. 2 feeder
Each time four screws, turbine feeder, can automatically filter non - standard screws.
Screw capacity
2000PCS (M4x10 elastic pad self-tapping screw)
Testing of screw blanks.
Use the import sensor to detect the missing material, and have the delay alarm function.
Odd force
The torque can be adjusted and the torque is stable.
Z-axis batch quantity
4 the
Speed of screw lock.
1 a/S
The test items
Screw thread test.
There are
Screw leak detection.
There are
Machine superior performance
Machine versatility
Each automatic screw feeder can be Shared by screws with similar specifications.
Machine stability
The machine all main parts are imported to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine, the silver rod guide, SMC &'s guest & CKD pneumatic components, jie business servo motor, Taiwan force speed electric batch and WEINVIEW touch screen, OMRON photoelectric switch
Simple and flexible operation
The advantages of this model are flexible and efficient. According to the set coordinates, the machine will automatically complete the product lock payment. In the state of non-stop, greatly improve production efficiency. It is easy to change the product as long as it is set by changing the coordinate setting of the lock.
The precision of die group is long.
The motion module of the machine adopts screw rod with high repeatability, smooth movement and long life.
After the response
Equipment one year free warranty (except abnormal use damage), life-long maintenance equipment such as a fault, the two sides communication problems within 2 hours after the seller put forward solutions, such as the telephone communication cannot be ruled out fault, the seller will be arrived at the scene within 8 hours.

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