Screw machine

FD-8905Automatic high voltage test lock screw machine

Product information

1. 同時鎖多顆螺絲,可代替多名工人;比如8 軸自動鎖螺絲機,同時鎖8顆螺絲。軸數可根據客戶要求定制。1. Lock multiple screws at the same time to replace multiple workers; For example, 8 axis automatic locking screw machine, lock 8 screws at the same time. Axis number can be customized according to customer requirements.
2. High cost performance of the machine, usually within one year;
3. Manually remove the product, the machine automatically locks the screws and can determine whether the screws are.
Lock, have lock the defective product machine will alarm prompt, convenient distinguish bad product.
4. Electric batch transmission torque lock screw through universal transmission shaft, easy to adjust the screw hole position,
It is easy to change the product variety.
5. Good versatility. It can be removed without locking screws.
6. The turbine method is used to compare with the traditional vibration plate or lifting type. Volume and noise are smaller, maintenance is more convenient.
7. Simple operation of the machine, the staff quickly mastered the operation and debugging; Electronic processing plant assembly.

7. 機器操作簡單,員工迅速掌握操作和調試;電子加工廠組裝。

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