Screw machine

FD-8901Adsorption automatic locking screw machine

Product information

1. Applicable to most screws. Good versatility. The length of the screw is not required.
2. It can be used to carry out certain screw lock to realize mechanized production. Reduce the labor intensity of workers.
The traditional manual placing screws and the alignment of the screw head require a lot of work time and energy.
3. It is easy to operate and install without external computer. The operation is simple, and the staff can master the operation and debugging.
High speed positioning accuracy. A worker can manage several machines at the same time. Save labor.
4. Suitable for mobile phones, digital products, electronic gadgets and small household appliances.
Positioning accuracy: X,Y:+/-0.08mm Z: +/-0.01mm.
Operating speed: 500mm/ SEC (x-y)
Xili electric batch: it can be selected according to customer's requirement.
Torque: customer adjustable.
The handling of locking defective products: alarm lights and buzzer tips.
1. External dimension: high 730* long 783* width 693.
2. Rack: steel plate table, aluminum alloy frame.
3. Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ.
4. Ambient temperature: -20~40 degrees.
5. Power: 300W.
6. Host program control: dedicated controller.
7. Man-machine interface: special man-machine interface.
8. Program input: direct coordinate instruction or U disk import.
9. I/O signal: 8 INPUT / 8 OUTPUTS.
10. Communication: serial port RS232C, computer communication software.
11. Screw tooth detection: yes.
12. Screw leak detection: yes.
Scope of application:
XY locking range: 450*400(MM). Special sizes can be customized.
Z-axis lock payment range: customized according to customer's products.

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