Screw machine

FD-8601Hand-held locking screw machine.

Product information

The machine is small and light noise, and it is very convenient to use the new feeding mechanism and visual sorting mechanism. The machine itself has the function of lack of material, which can help you to monitor whether the material is missing in the box. The built-in counting function can help you to calculate the production capacity.
This product is aimed at the various screws and the work arrangement is not far from the development. A feeder for two batches of material, but non-interference.
1. It is convenient to only use the screw hole position locking screw, which completely eliminates the tedious operation of manual punching screw.
2. Quick screw feeding speed is high, and the efficiency of the cutting efficiency is as high as 0.4s/.
3. Clean no direct contact with screws, and avoid the problem of rust caused by secondary pollution of hands.
4. Stable screw automatic whole column, feeding, automatic screening of special-shaped screws, and incorrect operation will not produce the card material phenomenon.
5. Low noise quality assurance, safety, noiseless.
6. Low-power machine power consumption 30W, can work all day.
1. The electric batch is light and small, the torque adjustment is convenient and accurate, and the lock quality is high.
2. Flexible operation, suitable for different production lines, no fixed operation, strong universality.
3. Function external, pneumatic vibration can be adjusted, the guide rail is visible, easy to operate and maintain.
4. The turbine type material, the screw friction is little, will not fade.
5. The weight is only about 9 kg, which is quite convenient to handle.
6. Precise counting, intelligent alarm function for lack of material (sound and light reminder).
7. Noise is less than 65 decibels.
1. Product structure:
This product includes two parts: main engine and electric batch.
2. Technical parameters
1. Screw pocket: M2X6 5000PCS
Power supply: 220V 50HZ set screw speed: 0.75 seconds/one.
Power: 30W: 2-3KGF/C.
Weight: 9.5KG in shape: 400*250*190MM.
Noise: less than 65 decibels for conveying distance: 1-4 m.
1. Applicable screw range: m1-m6.
2. Used screw heads: cross, triangle, plum, hexagon, Y, etc.
3. Used screw surface treatment such as: nickel, clay pot, zinc plating, white zinc plating, copper plating, etc.
4. Used screw materials such as iron, copper, stainless steel etc.
5. Materials for locking screw products such as plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.
6, handheld lock screw machine widely used in various industries, such as mobile phones, hard drives, the keyboard, the toy, LCD/LED modules, communications equipment, electrical appliances, toys, auto parts and other electronic factory assembly.

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