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Classification of automatic locking screw machine.

Author:admin Release date:2018-04-02

In fact, the automatic locking screw machine can solve the manual repetitive operation very well, which fundamentally improves the labor efficiency and improves the output value of the factory. Of course, every kind of product is classified, and the automatic lock screw machine can not. In fact, the automatic locking screw machine is two types: the three-coordinate full-automatic screw screw machine and the multi-spindle automatic screw machine.
One is the three-coordinate fully automatic screw-screw machine or XY-TABLE automatic locking screw machine. This type of machine is based on the actual needs of customers and requirements of X, Y, Z axis and Z axis. The other is multi-axis full-automatic screw-screw machine, also called special machine, which is a special lock to pay the product. Different lock screw models can better adapt to the factory production requirements, and can greatly improve the production efficiency!